You’re right. Sales is a dirty word.

When we fail to understand the problem our business solves for its buyers...

WARNING: Please understand before watching...

So many business owners fail to realise that talking about their solution is actually the very thing that is rapidly turning their buyers away, and because of that their inconsistent path towards sales success can feel more like they are bouncing on a trampoline than climbing a ladder.

Because without knowing the problem your business solves for its buyers, you’re destined for a never-ending uphill battle of squeamishly and forcefully convincing your prospects to buy from you. That’s a sales reality, and it’s one you’ll need to get used to unless something changes.

So let’s flip that equation. Wouldn’t it be easier if they convinced and sold themselves to you instead?

Want to know with conviction the problem your business solves? Ready to have your buyers convincing themselves to you as opposed to the other way around?

Take this opportunity. Complete the following questionnaire and book in a time below with a TPM for Sales team member to clearly language the problem your business solves for its buyers together.

In just one month of working with Darcy I went from a rock bottom 0% conversion rate of 150 leads to flipping the switch and signing 4 new clients and grossing my first $30K month. The ultimate turning point in it all? Being able to define the problem my business solve for its buyers – what a revelation. Thank you Darcy!

Calantha Chan

Through working with Darcy I closed over $90,000 of sales in just 90 days running my own consulting and training business and none of it would have been possible without first uncovering the problem I solve for my buyers. It radically shifted the way I saw selling in the modern world, because it strangely doesn’t even feel like ’selling’ at all. I can’t thank you enough Darcy, you’re a true master of your craft.

Caleb Lesa

If you think you’re just going to get forcibly ‘sold to’ on the upcoming call, it sucks to hear you’ve obviously had such a dismal buying experience in the past, but you have our promise that we left the dreaded ‘Hard Sell’ back in the 70’s where it belongs – and if for some strange reason that’s what you actually wanted to happen then you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, if you’re serious about what knowing ‘the problem you solve’ can do for your sales results, it would be a pleasure to see you implement what you learn on the call to send your sales numbers trending upwards.

Please note: Being able to language the problem your business solves for its buyers (as opposed to being able to describe your service or solution) will result in more business coming your way when combined with taking the right action. Please ensure you have the capability and resources to handle such business growth, as there is nothing worse than being unable to solve the problems of your ideal buyers that need your service the most.

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